Quilts for Neonatal

Making Quilts for Neonatal Babies at Frimley

We currently supply the Neonatal Unit at Frimley Park Hospital with little quilts for babies requiring additional specialist care. They accept babies from 27 weeks gestation and have two intensive care, six high dependancy and eight special care cots and have access to 24 hour neonatal transport team for babies who require transfer to tertiary centres for extreme prematurity, surgery and cardiac referral. On average, they care for approx. 55 babies every month - Some need just a few hours of care, some stay a lot longer. All need specialist care and, of course, love.

But why quilts?

As well as the quilts being for the babies to lie on in their cots, they all add a little colour to the super clinical environment. They are often put on top of the cots to reduce the strong light in the room and protect the babies delicate eyes. The quilts make it more like a natural nursery environment. Come what may, the parents keep the quilt as a personal reminder of the loving care their baby received from the nursing staff. 

We also provide mother and baby comfort squares. These are provided to both mother and baby to help the bonding process when mum is not able to be with baby all the time. Baby has one under its head and mum has the other against her breast and when mum visits, they swap over, so that they each have each others smell on the square.

660 quilts and 1,320 comfort squares a year is a tall order! And as this is an exceptional challenge, we need your help. The baby quilts are only 16" by 20" and don't take much time or fabric to make. They are also an ideal size to try out new piecing or quilting techniques and we have found that simple ideas often work really well. The mother and baby squares are 5" and made in a similar way.

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